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ANVC announces its partnership with the Editors of Interventional Neurology and SVIN to bring an excellent scientific journal to our members!

Introducing our new Stroke Clinician section of Interventional Neurology

Associate Editors
Anne W. Alexandrov, PhD, RN, AGACNP-BC, ANVP-BC, FAAN
David Liebeskind, MD
Sandy Middleton, PhD, RN

Call for manuscripts! The Stroke Clinician is soliciting submission of manuscripts dealing with clinical topics of interest to interdisciplinary acute stroke providers, including:

  • Stroke Center management (certification preparation, finances, staffing, and quality management)
  • Original clinical science (brief reports and full papers)
  • Review papers covering important controversial clinical topics
  • Pro/Con debates on important clinical issues
  • Evidence-based protocols for implementation of new and evolving practices

Submissions can go to

For questions, email [email protected]


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